Advocacy Toolkit

Empowering change. Unlock tools for essential resources driving mental health policy and advocacy.

Advocacy Toolkit

Hello advocates! Ready to connect with local elected officials or become an advocate?

The Public Policy & Government Affairs department has curated a set of valuable tools to help you get started. Please use the samples below and tailor them to your organization’s needs.

Tips for using these resources:

  • Customize: These templates are just starting points. Edit them to match your organization’s voice, and use your crisis center’s letterhead when sending letters.
  • Tailor key messages: Emphasize facts most relevant to your audience’s issues. For policymakers, highlight how your crisis center’s services alleviate strain on health and mental health services, showcasing the lifesaving impact.
  • Positive narrative is key: Balance challenges with solutions and positive stories. Use statistics to illustrate the problem’s extent and showcase your success stories. Engage your audience with narratives of hope, help, and healing aligned with their goals.

Sample Documents

To learn about the Federal Legislative Process, click here.

Video: Meeting with Your Legislator: View this brief 11:30 video for valuable insights on effective strategies and pitfalls to avoid when meeting with an elected official or their staff.

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