State and Territory Resources

Empower your advocacy with state-specific resources. Elevate mental health policies in your region.

State and Territory Resources

Hello, state and territory advocates! Here are some resources to help you engage with other stakeholders, challenge the status quo, and elevate the issues that matter most to you!

The Public Policy & Government Affairs department has curated a set of valuable tools to help you get started.

Video: Meeting with Your Legislator: View this brief 11:30 video for valuable insights on practical strategies and pitfalls to avoid when meeting with an elected official or their staff.


Are you a state or territory leader for 988 efforts? Are you a member of the 988 State/Territory email listserv?

  • The 988 State/Territory listserv is a communication tool that provides a select group of partners (State and Territory Leads for 988 efforts) with resources, information, and other details about the 988 Lifeline, which are sent directly to their email inbox. This email list is focused only on the State and Territory Leads for 988 efforts. These leaders can influence the development and sustainability of a strongly interconnected crisis system in their state/territory. Often, they are located in the state or territory’s Mental Health Agency. The email listserv provides an essential resource for timely information directly from Vibrant about the first step in a robust crisis system – someone to help (i.e., answer a call/chat/text) and to provide linkages to the next steps (referral for local services, mobile crisis team support, emergency response), and finally to provide caring follow-up promptly (generally next day).
  • To apply for membership to the 988 State/Territory listserv, please fill out the Report Inquiry Form and allow up to 1 week to be added.

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