About the Public Policy & Government Affairs Department

Elevating Mental Health through Public Policy Leadership.

Who We Are

The Vibrant Public Policy & Government Affairs (PPGA) Department is a cross-functional workstream that affects all aspects of the organization’s programs and activities, given the responsibility of advancing the mission through intergovernmental relations and public affairs. As the external facing public policy vertical within the organization, the PPGA Department coordinates the organization’s official position, priorities, and strategy with respect to federal, state, local, and other governmental jurisdictions’ legislation, regulation, law, rules, and other policies, in consultation with other Vibrant verticals as appropriate.



We strive to achieve high-quality and impactful outcomes through our advocacy and education.


We advocate for laws where all individuals feel valued and respected, are treated with dignity, and have equitable access to mental health care.


We conduct ourselves with integrity, embracing authenticity and transparency as fundamental values.


We prioritize overall well-being, nurturing ourselves, supporting one another, and fostering community health at every level.


Our Team

The Vibrant Public Policy & Government Affairs Department leads cross-functional efforts, shaping policies and strategies across all government levels for equitable mental health initiatives.

Laura Evans

AVP, Public Policy & Government Affairs

Caitlin Davidson, MSPH

State Policy Manager

Lisa Elder

State Policy Manager

Daniel Herron

State Policy Manager

Shelley Polanco

State Policy Manager

Valerie Silecchia, M Ed

Communication and Advocacy

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Join us in shaping mental health policy. Your voice matters in creating a brighter, more equitable future for all.

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