Lisa Elder

Lisa Elder

Lisa Elder holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science from Stony Brook University with a concentration in Public Health. She is the Manager of State Policy for NY and NJ at Vibrant Emotional Health.

Prior to this role, Lisa made significant contributions as the Community Engagement Manager at NYC Smoke-Free within Public Health Solutions, where she worked to end the devastating tobacco epidemic and protect the health of New Yorkers through tobacco control policy, advocacy, and education.

Lisa’s impact extended to her role as the Manager of Health Education and Public Policy for the American Lung Association, where she played a pivotal role in developing effective campaign strategies, fostering robust coalitions, and mobilizing communities to address lung health issues.

Lisa’s advocacy journey began with her leadership of a youth-led advocacy program as part of the New York State Tobacco Control Program. Through mentorship and empowerment, she guided young advocates in crafting impactful campaigns and initiatives dedicated to tobacco control, laying the foundation for her ongoing commitment to effecting positive change.

Her unwavering goal remains to ensure equitable opportunities for all to achieve and maintain health and wellness. When Lisa isn’t passionately advocating for change, you can catch her exploring the scenic wonders of her cherished Hudson Valley. Whether she’s hiking, camping, or hitting the mountain biking trails, Lisa finds solace in the natural beauty of her home region.